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Richard Passaportis – Health International Member, Harare, Zimbabwe


I wish to record my sincere appreciation for the outstanding professional and PERSONAL service that I was so fortunate to receive following my recent heart attack.

The personal attention that I, and my family, received from the Health International staff, at all levels, was nothing short of exceptional. The attention to detail exhibited by the company in respect of its organisation and communication ensured that my family and I felt that I was in the hands of the best possible health insurance company within the region and one that should leave many of the larger more “internationally recognised organisations” looking to their laurels.

The service delivery I received was outstanding and the entire staff involved are to be commended. The personal contact and regular updates I received from Michelle and Simone was exactly that….PERSONAL and professional!
This was best exemplified whilst I was waiting in the ORT International Airport Covid Holding Centre for the arrival of the return medivac flight to Harare. I was phoned by Simone who told me that there was an unfortunate delay of 2 hours to the scheduled departure. She apologised for this although it was clearly out of her and Health International’s hands. Before ending the call she asked if I was hungry as the delay was now going to run well past lunchtime. I told Simone not to worry and that she had already done more than enough for me during my time in South Africa. Fifteen minutes later an immaculately dressed young man, with a Health International logo on his shirt pocket, delivered a brown paper bag with toasted cheese sandwiches, French fries and a drink…..impressive!

I have made it my mission to publicise your company’s quality of service and product delivery. This has already been passed on to many family and friends that have and continue to contact me following my return home.

I honestly cannot recommend Health International more highly and would like to thank you most sincerely. Your professionalism at all levels ensured I had constant peace of mind as did all members of my family.

With sincere appreciation and admiration for a job so well done,

Richard Passaportis