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Health International Membership Plans Fact Sheet

This document outlines the plans and benefits available.

Download Health International Fact Sheet 2023

Membership Guide and Standard Terms and Conditions

This document contains the Health International Standard Terms and Conditions.

Download Health International Membership Guide 2024

Membership Application Form

This section contains the membership application form.

Health International Membership Application Form 2023

All new applicants are required to fill in a new form.

Risk Assessment Forms

If you have indicated participation in any of the listed activities in the Lifestyle Questionnaire section of the Application Form, please complete the relevant form and submit it together with your New Membership Application Form.

Health International Risk Assessment Form - PILOT (152.1 KiB)

Health International Risk Assessment Form - SAFARI GUIDE VIDEOGRAPHER PHOTOGRAPHER (170.6 KiB)

Health International Risk Assessment Form - MOTOR BIKING & OTHER (188.7 KiB)

Health-International-Risk-Assessment-Form-HUNTING (199.3 KiB)

Pre-Registration Form for Newborn Benefit

This section contains the pre-registration form for the Newborn Benefit.

Pre-Registration Form For Newborn Benefit (307.5 KiB)

Travel Top-Up Forms

All Health International clients travelling outside of Sub Saharan Africa are required to fill in and submit a travel form.

Travel Top Up Days Application Form (189.3 KiB)

Short Term Cover Forms

This section contains the Short Term Cover Forms.

Short Term Cover Application Form (326.8 KiB)

Claim Forms

This section contains Health International claim forms.


The Zimbabwean Health International claim form.

Health International Emergency Claim Form (178.8 KiB)

South Africa

The South African Health International claim forms.

Air Health International South Africa Elective Pre-Authorisation Form (244.6 KiB)


The Zambian Health International claim forms.

Health International Zambia Emergency Claim Form (201.9 KiB)

Membership Plans

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