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Ray Smithwick – Health International Member, Harare, Zimbabwe

I am in the service industry just like you guys, so am familiar with the “usual” attitude to service providers – when something goes right, its expected (I am paying for it after all), but when something goes wrong, we hear all about it! Well, I want to buck that trend.

From the time I knew I would require the hip replacement, I was somewhat stressed, having to consider and face all sorts of hurdles, the medical aid being one possible hurdle. Nothing could have been further from the truth, you all have been so helpful, kind and supportive, that this “hurdle” just did not exist. This came in all sorts of ways, all designed to put my mind at rest and make the build up to the op and my rehabilitation far less stressful than it could otherwise have been. You faced a few difficult medical providers of your own in doing this for me, all without a complaint and willingly.

In short, I feel blessed to have been looked after by you guys, and cannot imagine a better service being provided. Thank you all so much.