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Diamond Plus Plan

Financial support for your loved ones

Protect against the financial impact of an unexpected death. The Diamond PLUS Plan’s Death By Any Cause benefit provides a lump sum of up to USD50,000 for your loved ones should you die.

  • This benefit will be paid, to the nominated beneficiary / beneficiaries, within 30 days of presentation of a death certificate
  • Applicants may select either the USD50,000 or USD25,000 benefit
  • Death By Any Cause Benefit being the member’s death howsoever it may occur*
  • Terms and Conditions apply for exclusions, pre-existing conditions, hazardous sports etc.
  • Diamond PLUS Plan is available to Members aged between 18 and 59 years
  • Benefits are as per the existing Diamond Plan with the ADDITION of a Death By Any Cause benefit

* Terms and Conditions as per the Membership Guide